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Excellence in Ebony
Regal in Royal Blue
Love his large jowl and small muzzle
SAMIR head & neck
Close Up
HeadShot by Scott Trees
Scott Trees Photo
Scott Trees photo
Scott Trees Photo
Scott Trees Photo
Superb Conformation!
Most Classic Head Male
Bold and Happy, May 2014
Samir Rearing
Samir in the Sun
Elegance in Ebony
Samir Action Shot
Beautiful, kind, majestic
Relaxed and Walking
"Most Classic Head- Male"
Practicing Before the Event!
Making Friends!
In the Ring with Terry Holmes

 These photos are an assortment of both professional and candid amateur shots, that show Samir in different activities. Photo credits go to Darryl Larson, Javan, Carmin, Amy Austin, Mary Ellen Chavez and Brenda Dumas.

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